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By maxletek, Dec 9 2014 12:39PM

Nolet's Family Reserve Dry Gin is the monther of all artisanal gins. Like most good things it comes with a little price tage of £600 a bottle. The result is the most expensive Gin in world. It is also worth every penny.

For ten generations, since 1691, the Nolets have perfected their gin. Aromatic from start to finish, the tightly guarded botanical list adds to its allure. Botanicals that are known to be in the mash bill include juniper, saffron, orris root, cassia, verbena, licorice and rose petals. As the most expensive spice in the world, saffron is rarely used in spirits, but it is included here, giving this gin a slightly golden hue.

The nose and palate are what dreams are made of, melding together and finishing the other's potential. Then come spicy, warm citrus and a bouquet of the best botanical pie the earth can muster. No more need be added, as this unique experience will undoubtedly find the imbiber dreaming whilst tasting.

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Origin: Netherlands

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